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Bubble’s Sparkle Cleaning Terms of Service
For a great experience here is what you need to know!

Cleaning Supplies: We bring all the cleaning supplies

** Cleaning Time: The first cleaning is quoted based on a normal home condition. If your home requires special attention we will either need to extend our time at an hourly rate or prioritize our cleaning.

We reserve the right to refuse cleaning your home if we encounter anything that could cause danger to our technicians. This could include but is not limited to: mold, hoarding, abnormal buildup, etc.

You must report any problems within 24 hours in order to take advantage of our Sparklers™ Quality Clean Guarantee.

* Any request out of the regular scope of work is charged at an hourly rate.
* We do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder. Higher items will be dusted w/an extension duster.
* We cannot move furniture, but we will try to reach any visible places either by hand or with an extension duster.

1. Standard Cancellation Fee:
Bubble’s Sparkle LLC reserves the right to assess a $50 cancellation fee if a clean is cancelled after 5pm the day before your service. We reserve a time specially for you and are often unable to fill the vacant time slot. Please be sure to provide entry instructions if you will not be home. We reserve the right to charge our standard cancellation fee for all lock-outs.

2. Cleaning Supplies / Equipment:
Bubble’s Sparkle LLC provides products and nearly all equipment required for cleaning your home. It is required that your home has running water and working electric outlets. We reserve the right to charge our standard cancellation fee if we are not provided with running water or electricity. Our technicians are not allowed to climb past the second step of a step stool. If you would like us to use specialty products (e.g., simply green, bleach, stainless steel cleaner, sponge mop), please leave it out and include this request in your special account instructions. We are not responsible for ANY damage caused by cleaning products provided by the customer.

3. Cleaning Guarantee:
Our work is done to demanding specifications and we will provide a 48-hour guarantee. This guarantee covers any work under Maintenance Housekeeping for ongoing service OR under Full-Service Housekeeping on an initial or move out service. This only applies to whole home cleanings and not hourly services. It is your responsibility to notify the company of any problem within this time period; a phone call, email, or satisfaction survey response will be sufficient. We will come back to your house for an inspection and correct the problem as soon as our schedule allows. A discount will only be given after the re-clean if you are still completely unsatisfied. We will make every effort to be reasonable, but your house will not be re-cleaned if there is evidence family members, contractors, or pets dirtied newly washed floors, mirrors, etc.

5. Price & Time Adjustments:
If the pricing calculator underestimates the price of your cleaning and the condition of your home is worse than predicted we do have permission to either adjust the price or refuse the service. You will be notified by our technicians or by our management if they do not have time to complete the cleaning in the time allotted via our confirmation phone call. You will have the option to either have them prioritize the areas you would like or to extend the cleaning at our hourly rate.

6. Breakage & Accidents:
We have been trained in the proper and safe handling of items in homes. Unfortunately, accidents still occur occasionally. If this happens, you will be notified by our technician, or left a note, and given a phone call. Reimbursement will be made up to $250 with a copy of your replacement receipt or a quote on replacement for a similar item. Items which cannot be replaced due to sentimental or antique value should be reported to Bubble’s Sparkle LLC BEFORE service ends. We reserve the right not to touch an item. Reimbursement for items over $250 may be handled by our insurance company. All damage must be reported within 24 hours. We will contact you after notification. If we do not hear from you within the next 30 days we will assume you do not want to have us resolve the issue and the situation will void.

7. Theft:
The best protection is precaution. Please DO NOT leave out any money or valuables which could be lost or taken. When we find valuables left out we will clean around them. You are protected from theft by a Janitorial Bond. If a theft is suspected, our bond requires that you file a police report with your local authorities before contacting Bubble’s Sparkle LLC.

8. Direct Hiring of Our Cleaning Technicians:
Bubble’s Sparkle LLC invests heavily in procurement to find quality cleaners. Hiring OUR current, Ex-worker(s) and/or accepting side propositions makes you liable for an employment referral fee of $500.00 if you directly employ (legally or cash basis) anyone currently or formerly employed by us within the 2 year period prior to such employment. By using our service, you agree to notify us of any attempts to solicit or accept illegal business, otherwise; Attorney, Legal and miscellaneous expenses incurred to investigate and/or collect this fee will be added if this employment is discovered. Exchanging contact info is considered part of this breach. Unless complying with all laws; direct, unreported or inappropriate employment practices are illegal. You acknowledge being informed that Bubble’s Sparkle LLC is obligated to report illegal hiring activities. In fact, anyone may report this to the proper Government and Judicial authorities so investigation ensues. Implication, complicity or withholding knowledge of illegal activity is not only prosecutable by Bubble’s Sparkle LLC (when applicable), but also by United States Federal and Local Laws.

9. Staff Safety:
Bubble’s Sparkle LLC reserves the right to remove its cleaners from your home should the environment become unsafe, our cancellation policy will apply.

10. Pets:
We will gladly work around pets. If your pet becomes anxious or presents a safety concern, Bubble’s Sparkle LLC reserves the right to remove its cleaners from your home. If a cleaner leaves your home prior to completion, Bubble’s Sparkle LLC will charge you a pro-rated expense based on work performed. If removal of our cleaning technician is due to aggressive pets, our cancellation policy will apply.

11. Right to Refuse Service:
Cleaning Technicians have the choice to leave upon arrival if the home is in extreme condition or feel unsafe/threatened. If you book a cleaning online that is not reasonable, the cleaners may refuse service on the spot and you will be charged the standard cancellation fee.

12. Clutter:
We require all non-decorative items to be picked up off of the floor and furniture that is not normally used to store items. Our rule of thumb is that the cleaners have 1 minute to organize in each room or they are to pile any clutter in one place and clean around it.

13. Dishes:
Our Sparklers do not clean dishes, or any eating utensils.

14. Large and Heavy items:
For safety and liability reasons, Bubble’s Sparkle LLC will not allow its Sparklers to lift or move heavy items or furniture.

15. Satisfaction Policy
Bubble’s Sparkle LLC cannot guarantee the results of mini-blind, grout, chandelier, or vaulted ceiling fan cleaning. Mold remediation is a specialty. Bubble’s Sparkle LLC does not provide mold remediation and cannot be liable for any mold related risks in client home. Bubble’s Sparkle LLC does not assume responsibility for the restoration of severely worn, stained or mildewed caulking and grout.

16. Pre-Payment for Clients with No-Show History:
Bubble’s Sparkle LLC values punctuality and a commitment to scheduled services. In cases where a client has a history of no-shows, defined as at least one previous service that needed to be canceled due to the client’s absence, we reserve the right to request pre-payment to confirm any future services. Pre-payment ensures the commitment of both parties and helps us continue to deliver high-quality service to all our valued clients.”

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