How to fix a scratch on your stainless-steel appliance

     You can actually fix scratches on stainless steel appliances, but it must be done carefully.

     Before you do anything, make absolutely sure your appliance is stainless steel and is not simulated or made of fingerprint-resistant clear coat. If you try taking out a scratch on these products, you will ruin the surface.

     Next, take a very close look at the stainless-steel surface to find the grain. You will be working with the grain and not against it.

     According to Family Handyman, you’ll need very fine grit sandpaper, in the 400 to 600 grit range, a sanding block, and a rubbing compound. 

     * Squeeze some sanding fluid onto the sandpaper and, starting somewhere inconspicuous, sand the scratched area until it disappears; move up to the next coarsest grit if needed. Then sand the rest of the panel until it blends in.

     * Always sand with the grain and not against it.

     * Apply a stainless-steel cleaner or polish, but we don’t want our house to smell like them.

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